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Custom Built Cabinets
Building Your Custom Cabinets

Building Your Custom Cabinets

North Carolina Cabinet Maker, First Choice Wood Cabinets

North Carolina Cabinet Maker, First Choice Wood Cabinets

Cabinet Manufacturer builds wood cabinets built in Apex, North Carolina, using first choice materials. 

When it comes time to making your ideas a reality, we will show you how to get everything in your design with the money you have. You'll want to make the right decisions so that you will always get the highest quality for your budget. So, we will guide you in making decisions about what materials to select and how you want your cabinets manufactured. Then your project will be custom built, within your budget and time frame. And we'll pay attention to the details of the design for you, adding the conveniences you want and where you want them that you selected for your project.

Custom Built Cabinets NC

Custom built cabinets are made for a specific cabinet project with specific details and sizes.  Because you have a voice in the cabinet design, your options are almost limitless in colors, wood types, style, design and sizes. You may also choose to add accessories like wine racks, cubby holes, spice racks and lazy susans. 

A cabinet may be built-in or free-standing.  Built-in cabinets are usually custom made for a particular situation and are fixed into position, on a floor, against a wall, or framed in an opening. For example modern kitchens are examples of built-in cabinetry. Free-standing can be moved from place to place if required. Cabinets may be wall hung or suspended from the ceiling. 

Whatever you want we can design and build it to suit your needs, including cabinets and furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, media and entertainment, office desks, libraries and bookshelvs, closets, attics and basements.   You are welcome to browse our online showroom for ideas for your own project.

Manufacturing Cabinets NC 

Cabinets may have a face frame or may be of frameless construction.  We prefer frameless construction, also known as full access or European styling, for built-in cabinetry because it offers greater cabinet access. We can do either as a kitchen cabinet manufacturer.

During our visit we can show you what options are available.  Your cabinets can be custom made in our manufacturing shop, with the many options added in the design process.  You can see many styles and options online through the Products pages.   You’ll see the many options available, as well as how the cabinet hardware you choose will look.    

Whatever your budget and time frame allow, we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations as both a kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturer.  

Alexander Custom Cabinets is a Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinet Maker in NC that: 

  • Chooses the best quality materials for durability and style. 
  • Accesses a greater variety of accessories to personalize your kitchen.
  • Builds the cabinets we install to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Depends more on referrals, our reputation is our greatest asset.
  • Will personally come to your home to answer questions and solve any problems.
  • Designs kitchens that are built to your specifications not “out of the box” standard sizes.
  • Works directly for you!