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Examples of French Country Kitchen Cabinets
Designing your French Country Kitchen

Designing your French Country Kitchen

If you are looking for French Country Kitchen Designs, you have come to the right page.  Our Kitchen Designer will put all of your ideas into easily revised CAD drawings, so you can see for yourself what your french country kitchen will look like.   You'll be able to review and make changes to your french style cabinets, and know exactly what to expect.    Review all of the Cabinet Services we offer, to make the process just as enjoyable as your new kitchen will be.

French Country Kitchens

French Country Kitchens

These French country kitchen pictures evoke feelings of comfort and inviting happiness. Notice in these examples of country kitchens, that by using natural building materials for walls, ceilings and floors, this provides the texture for the comfort feeling.    French country style kitchens are rustic and use earthy tones for furniture.  French style fabrics and accessories complete the comforting design, offering practicality with simplicity.

Here are some examples.

French Country Kitchen, rustic and weathered look

 A rustic and weathered look creates a warm, cozy feeling in a french country home.  Common colors range from muted hues to earth tones.  Exposed beams and barn boards are elements used to express this style. 

Contemporary French Country, uses glass front carved cabinets

This is a more contemporary French country kitchen which takes it styling cues from traditional French kitchens. The use of glass front carved cabinets, earthy construction materials, wrought iron cookware hanger, and abundant natural lighting make the distinction that this is a French country kitchen.

Provincial style French country kitchen

The striking red used a major accent color certainly evokes a feeling of prestige in this Provincial style French country kitchen. Notice the ample storage space within the small area. Each nook, cranny, ledge and shelf is utilized for storage.

Modern-traditional French country kitchen

This is a modern-traditional French country kitchen. While all attempts were made to provide traditional look and feel, the modern appliances are a clear giveaway. Notice the brick and beam construction, ceramic tile floor, carved wooden cabinets, as well as the standard wrought iron cookware hanger, ceramic and terra cotta containers, and ample natural lighting.

French Country inspired Contemporary

While this kitchen is more contemporary, it is evident that it's inspiration is a French country kitchen. Notice the hanging pots and pans, the terra cotta and ceramic containers, stucco walls and multiple lanterns?

French Country classic kitchen

French country classic kitchen features off-white painted cabinetry with a brushed black glaze. The kitchen island has table-height seating for five on one end and a planning desk on the other, with a built-in bookcase and other storage in the middle.