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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Custom cabinetry as opposed to Pre-fab or Stock cabinetry?

Pre-fabricated and stock cabinetry is manufactured using pre-determined dimensions and built to be used in a variety of generic styles. The problem this causes is that when a pre-fab or stock cabinet is installed, more times than not, there will be dead space because the pieces won't fit your specific layout exactly. When this happens, fillers are used to cover up any areas where the dead space exists. Many kitchens can lose as much as one square foot or more of useable cabinet space when fillers are used. Custom cabinets allows you to use the maximum available space for your remodeling project. Using custom cabinetry also gives you the highest quality product and the exact design and layout you are looking for.

What is the difference between Face Frame and Frameless?

A Face Frame cabinet is a cabinet that has a solid wood frame (constructed of stiles and rails typically wider than the shelves and partitions of the actual box) glued and nailed or pocket screwed to the face of the box to increase span strength and help hold the box together.


A Frameless cabinet is simply shelves and partitions (typically only edge banded on one side) that are cut and screwed together.

When you are deciding whether to go with Face Frame or Frameless cabinetry, ask yourself if you want cabinets where you can see the cabinet in between the doors (Face Frame) or cabinets where all you can see is the doors (Frameless).

Framed Cabinet

Frameless Cabinet

Why would buying doors from a custom cabinet maker be a better alternative to buying from a home center?

Purchasing cabinet doors from a home center limits the results you can achieve with your remodeling project due to their smaller selection of styles. On the other hand, using a custom cabinet manufacturer who purchases doors can give you over 300 door styles to choose from, as well as the ability to create just about any design you can think of. Without having to compromise, you will be able to find the door style you desire to fit your decor. In addition to the many door styles you can choose from, the doors can be made in any available wood Specie, Deco-form color, laminate or veneer. Your custom kitchen will also use your available space most efficiently because the cabinet boxes will be made to fit your room's size instead of the stock sizes used by most home centers, which leave dead space in many kitchens.


What are the cleaning instructions for my cabinet doors?

Cleaning recommendations differ depending on the product.

Thermo-foil: We recommend cleaning thermo-foil doors with a solution of mild dish washing detergent and water. Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, acetone or abrasives.

Wood: We recommend cleaning wood doors with a soft cloth. It is also recommended that you check with your cabinetmaker for specific cleaning instructions. Your cabinetmaker will be aware of any special glazes or finishes that were applied, which may have product recommendations or restrictions.


How much of my investment will I recoup after remodeling my kitchen or bathroom?

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom will add both beauty to and increase the value of your current home. Below are some statistics displaying how much of your initial investment can be recouped as added value in your home after the construction has been completed.

Listed below are regional and national figures. Some cities can have as much as a 160% return on investment for kitchen remodels.

SOURCE: Remodeling Online 2001 Cost vs. Value Report



How much does it cost to design my kitchen?

Cost: 15% of project quote if customer takes drawings home.

Cost will be applied to the project if Alexander Custom Cabinets is awarded the job.


Do you have a design fee for CAD (computer aided drawings)?

Alexander Custom Cabinets charges a flat rate of $55.00 per hour for detailed and specific drawings including: Floor plans, Elevations and Perspectives.

Any payments received for design are credited to the cost of project if Alexander Custom Cabinets is awarded the job.


How long does it take to install kitchen cabinets?

That depends on the size and design of the project. Typically 1-2 days. On larger, more decorative and elaborate kitchens with 2 and 3 piece moldings typically 3-4 days.

Specific time frame for installation can be given once drawings are final.


What is re-facing?

Re-facing is an affordable, efficient and faster way to change the appearance of your cabinets and increase your homes value without the hassle of replacing the existing cabinets.

Re-facing includes:       

  • New doors and drawer fronts
  • Exterior surfaces are covered with laminate or natural wood veneers
  • New hinges and hardware