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Cabinet Installations
Installing Cabinets, Refacing and Repair

Installing Cabinets, Refacing and Repair

We provide you with the same care during the installation as you will experience in the design and planning stages of your project.  With consummate skill and meticulous attention to detail, we coordinate all aspects of the installation.  That means you can relax and know that your new space will be built to the highest standards, and done right the first time! We'll even coordinate your other contractors so the job is completed on time, and on budget.

Your questions deserve our attention, so contact us as the need arises to help you quickly deal with anything that comes up during installation. 

Installation includes all materials supplied by and purchased through Design Werks Cabinetry, for the completion of a cabinet design, including: 

Hardware; and

We will coordinate installation of appliances, countertops, tile, flooring, lighting fixtures, and plumbing with recommend contractors to complete this work. 

Your part in the installation process is to grant us access to the project area, and then to leave us to the work of transforming your space.