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About Us
Custom Cabinets and Cabinet Design's Mission

Custom Cabinets and Cabinet Design's Mission

Custom Cabinets and Cabinet Design’s mission is to provide you with the quality cabinets you are looking for at a price that is within your budget. 

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to customer satisfaction, and believe that the cabinet designing process is just as important as the cabinet quality you choose.  It's about having courteous, knowledgeable and qualified assistance in guiding you through all the options in selecting the product.  We can be trusted to help you find exactly what you are looking for, and trusted to deliver on our promises to provide quality cabinets at a very competitive price.  We pay attention to detail, resulting in finished cabinets that are up-to-date, efficient, and award winning.        


We have 35 years experience in the building industry, designing and manufacturing high-end, custom cabinets and furniture pieces.  Our experience has enabled us to build personal relationships with remodeling contractors, interior designers, architects and vendors, so every aspect of your project is handled by professionals. 

Professional Certification

We are certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.  NKBA Certification is based on proctored examinations and extensive industry experience.  NKBA Certified Designers must also meet annual continuing education requirements annually.  An NKBA Certified Designer, is a professional who

  • Has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in kitchen and bath design, as well as construction, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems;
  • Adheres to a strict Code of Professional Conduct;
  • Is an expert in the NKBA Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines & Access Standards, which recognizes the importance of consumer health, safety and welfare in kitchen and bath design;
  • Is a member of the NKBA, the kitchen and bath industry’s leading professional organization that provides them with the training and tools needed to succeed;
  • Is skilled at assessing consumers’ individual needs and wants and creating designs that meet and exceed these requirements; and
  • Remains current on local building codes, safety and environmental regulations and the wealth of new products and equipment on the market.